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Other things

This page is for things I've worked on that are not central to my own research — other projects, big and small.

Teaching resources

I have a sub-page of teaching resources (syllabi, handouts, etc.) here.

Online projects

Web design

Print design

All of the below are just some samples of some of the printed graphic design work I have done over the past few years. Click to view the full PDFs. If you hold your mouse pointer over them for a second it'll tell you (in brief) what they are, if it isn't apparent. My most recent posters for the Harvard STS Program can be found here.

J. Robert Oppenheimer Centennial, 2004 'Copenhagen in Debate' cover and interior design, 2005. Yaron Ezrahi talk, April 2007 Everett Mendelsohn documentary DVD, October 2007 William Cronon talk, November 2007 Harold Varmus talk, April 2008 Beyond the Creation-Evolution Controversy, April 2008 STS Circle program, Spring 2008 Trauma in the Ancient World, graduate student conference, April 2008 STS Circle program, Fall 2008 Graduate student event about archival experiences Ulrich Beck talk, November 2008 Unbranding Medicines conference, December 2008 STS Circle program, Spring 2009 Kenneth Prewitt discussion panel, February 2009 Connected Publics panel discussion, March 2009 Cultures in Common panel and workshop, May 2009 STS Circle program, Fall 2009 Raghuram Rajan talk, December 2009 STS Circle program, Spring 2010 Arundhati Roy talk, April 2010 Unruly Democracy workshop, April 2010 Daniel Carpenter book launch panel, May 2010 STS Circle program, Fall 2010

Historical things


Last updated October 2010.

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