Microsoft Access bits & pieces

I have done a lot of MS Access programming over the years, and while the program can be used to very quickly put together some very powerful database applications, it often leaves a lot to be desired for in the case of interface development. Like most long-term programmers I have developed a set of work-arounds for common issues. This page is for any work-arounds or developments I have which I think others might find useful, and which I haven't seen posted elsewhere on the web. Feel free to use these however you want. Send me comments/questions/suggestions/complaints if you please.

Automatic control resizing with form resizing

Access allows you to resize forms, but it doesn't provide any easy way to make the controls on the form also resize. This little module attempts to fix this: with one line of code and a little bit of annotation of the Tag fields of your controls, you can have them automatically resize and reposition as the form is resized. Instructions and an example are included in the zip file.

        Download: (last updated July 24, 2007)

List Box controls with adjustable column widths

Access List Box controls do not let you resize their column widths dynamically. This script makes it easy to make them do just this, by monitoring how the mouse is dragging around the column borders, and adjusting the column widths accordingly. Instructions (in the code itself) and an example are included in the zip file.

        Download: (last updated July 24, 2007)

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