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About this site

This site was created by Alex Wellerstein over some time in May 2006, when he probably should have been working on other things. It was reworked and improved a bit in June 2009. The image-cycling effects work by means of a little javascript, which can be looked at here if you are interested (it is not very elegant, but it seems to work). It was originally based on some code floating around the internet (this version in particular, but similar code is on many pages), heavily modified to accomodate multiple images and changing cycle times. I make no authorship claims over the code.

All of the text, layout, and photographs listed in the "personal photographs" section are © Alex Wellerstein, 2006-2009.

The other images have independent copyright status. Those which are not in the public domain should fall under the "fair use" clause of U.S. copyright law, as I understand it, for my use of them is minimal (usually only details) and for critical/educational purposes. Many of them are in the public domain on account of their age or their provenance (work of the federal government). If you want to re-use them further it is up to you to figure out their copyright status. If the copyright owner of any of the images on this site are unhappy with their use, please feel free to contact me.

All of the old images of the postcards were published pre-1923 and are in the public domain. (My scan of them, under current U.S. court judgments, does not create a new copyright claim, which is how it ought to be.) You are free to use them as you wish; if you want to you can put a link back to this site as the source but it is not at all required. The ones which are from the 1950s or 1960s (there are a couple) may be copyrighted (I have not checked to see if their copyrights were renewed; I doubt they have), so use them at your own risk.

The pages on this site do record statistics about the site usage, including the IP addresses of any visitors to this site. These are periodically deleted, however, and should pose no privacy risks. I do this just to keep track of who visits my site, and why, and from where, and other boring web reasons. It turns out that the most popular thing on this website, by far, is my postcard collection, in particular that picture of Stateville Penitentiary, which gets almost 25% of all my web traffic just by itself.

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